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Here is the first demo app from miApps.

It does not do much but the app will be updated throughout the day and every time it does it will be automatically updated as you start it whist connected to the internet.

This app was made for computers running Microsoft Windows.

The app compatibility testing was done with previous tests on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

You can click here to start the app. Click on Run to install.

Let me know what you think as we progress through this one.

Once the application starts you can right-click for the menu to see available options.


The Administrator

3 thoughts on “Demo Application Launch

  1. Now the demo application is complete for the day.
    Check out the cool new features. Also, if you have a second screen just connect it to see a hidden feature in the navigation bar that becomes available then.

    The splash screen logo is a bit dodgy I know…

    The Administrator

  2. Added new navigation buttons with latest release. I also changed the program icon. Who likes a blank icon anyway. When running the app it will automatically update to the latest version when starting.

    The Administrator

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