Vision for miApps 2016

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2016 has arrived. And what better time is there to breathe new ideas into the site.

Therefore the site update will have to be something totally new and even a bit different.

Thinking of its name made me discover that like myself an amateur developer, there must be more people out there who would like to develop programs and showcase them. Have them tested by others and get input for what they built.

Now, miApps will be geared towards that. You the developer can showcase demo applications on here and provide it freely to others to check out. Then, once you and others on here are satisfied with your product, you can sell it. But the sales platform would then be available on a different website that we own.

Also, a few new apps are on its way. miWriter has been published. Its very new and still has a few things to be done to it. Go check it out here. There will be more posts and ideas this year. Also, looking into opening registrations again.

Yes, there is another. But, it needs to be built as well. This will commence shortly after the revamp of miApps.

Watch this space for more.

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