Registrations now open

Okey, so I opened up registrations again. Feel free to join as you will be able to participate in discussions etc. Come have fun and tell me what you think or what you would like to have built for you.   The Administrator

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New site design

I have modified the look and feel of miApps. its a fresh new look and i hope you enjoy it too.   The Administrator

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Vision for miApps 2016

2016 has arrived. And what better time is there to breathe new ideas into the site. Therefore the site update will have to be something totally new and even a bit different. Thinking of its name made me discover that like myself an amateur developer, there must be more people out there who would like […]

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miWriter V1

So herewith our latest app. miWriter is a small compact word processing application. The app is powerfull enough to openĀ and create ebooks as well as many other formats. It is the very first version published so if you find any bugs please comment on this post and I will have a look at it. You […]

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Demo Application Launch

Here is the first demo app from miApps. It does not do much but the app will be updated throughout the day and every time it does it will be automatically updated as you start it whist connected to the internet. This app was made for computers running Microsoft Windows. The app compatibility testing was […]

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